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Spring Term Details:

Start Date:      January 6, 2020
Show Dates: TBD

*Please note classes are billed at an hourly rate, not monthly. Some classes may have five weeks in one particular month, so your tuition bill may be more than what it "normally" is.

2019 - 2020 Registration & Consent Form


The adult applicant or I, the undersigned parent or legal guardian of the Applicant whose name appears below (student name), for in consideration of Applicant’s participation in the instructional and recreational programs of The Dance Center do herewith and hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the said The Dance Center, included its officers, instructors, assistants, volunteers, employees, and agents from any and all liability loss, claims, demands or damage, including reasonable attorney’s fee and/or medical fees, resulting from any claims, causes or action, without limitation, any injury, illness, accident, damage to personal property, lost wages or personal damage to such Applicant or a member of his/her family, arising from such Applicant’s participation in any program, class, course of instruction or performance at the studio or any location under control or supervision of The Dance Center. I agree as a parent/guardian that both I and student will support The Dance Center in a positive and cooperative manner and agree that the student (applicant) and I, as parent/guardian, will uphold the policies throughout the year. Additionally, I give permission to The Dance Center to take photos and/or videos of my child, the applicant, or me to use for advertising, on the studio website or any promotional purpose or studio special event. By SIGNING BELOW, PARENT/GUARDIAN ASSUMES FULL FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR TUITION AND FEES. ALSO, SAID PERSON HAS RECEIVED & AGREES TO ABIDE BY ALL THE DANCE CENTER STUDIO & PAYMENT POLICIES.

Tuition Policies:

All classes are payable in advance. This a month by month contract. (30 days written cancellation notice required)

Make up classes are available ONLY in a DIFFERENT class to the one in which the student in enrolled within the same month of missed classes. Classes that fall on a public holiday can be made up within a month of the missed class.

Annual Registration Fee: $65

Tuition Late Payment Fee: $40

Return Check Fee: $20

No jewelry to be worn in the classroom. No street shoes and clothing as dancewear. All students must wear the correct class apparel as set by The Dance Center. No outside shoes are allowed on the studio floor. Dance shoes should not be worn outside studio.

No food or drink and no gum chewing is allowed in the classroom.

The Dance Center is not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen articles. The Dance Center is not responsible for any injuries on the premises.

Please print, sign, and return this agreement form to the front desk at the studio. 

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You may pay by cash, credit card, or check payable to 'The Dance Center'

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Tuition is due on the first of every month. After the tenth of the month, a tuition late fee applies.

Please contact for more information regarding payments.


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You may pay by cash, credit card, or check payable to 'The Dance Center'

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Please contact for more information regarding payments.

Annual Registration Fee: $65


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